The Sleep Struggle is Real

Mother looking after a sleeping baby

Before becoming a new mother, I didn’t read any books on baby sleep. I assumed my baby would “sleep like a baby”, as the saying goes. Wow, was this not the case for me! Emmett fought sleep like the best of them. And what I didn’t realize at the time, was I lacked the education on baby sleep to provide the best sleep opportunities for Emmett.

As a sleep consultant, I have heard this so many times, “I don’t know if this will work because my baby is VERY stubborn.” And guess what? It works for stubborn babies too! I remember thinking that when Emmett was a baby (P.S. He is still stubborn at 4.5, but he has been sleeping great for years!).

After realizing how much EVERYONE in our house needed sleep so desperately, I started reading every sleep book I could get my hands on. I spoke with so many moms to get sleep advice. Then, I started trying all the different methods I had learned. I would try one thing for a couple nights, it didn’t work, then I would try another, it didn’t work. I would second guess my strategies all day and night. I wish I had known that sleep consultants existed back then (I am not just saying that because I am one now – I truly could have benefitted.).

There are some people who can read a book or take an online course, implement a strategy from the book or online program, and have success. I am not one of those people. I am too indecisive and I second guess myself too much in the moment.

This is where I come in, now. If you have tried different methods without success, or have not tried anything yet because you are scared, I CAN HELP.

I will talk to you about your biggest sleep concerns, learn about your family and your baby or child, understand your unique schedule (or not so unique right now), and come up with a customized sleep plan that is JUST RIGHT for your baby and family’s needs.

Sleep is so important for EVERYONE. Allow me to help you.

Currently, all of my services are offered virtually, and are still just as successful as in-home visits.

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