Kendra was a real pleasure to work with! At four months old, our infant decided that he wasn't going to sleep in the Snoo any more. For the next two months, I would nurse him to sleep and have him sleep on my chest at bedtime and in the crib at naptime. Between the five and six month mark he just stopped napping in the crib and sleeping on me became especially difficult because he was getting much bigger. Both my husband and I knew this was not sustainable. We reached out to Kendra aka the Sleepytime consultant and she was able to put us on a wonderful sleep plan that got our 6-month old son sleeping 11 to 12 hours straight through the night from night one. It felt miraculous! She was always available and ready to address any questions we had. I wish we could use her for all of the challenges that the developmental milestones have presented. She has really taught us the fundamentals and we know that we can survive (!) equipped with the tools she's provided. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who struggling with their infant's sleep. There's hope!
- Iquo and Justin
Kendra was the (virtual) baby whisperer we desperately needed! Even though I was very skeptical that anyone could help my 15-month old son to sleep more than 20 minutes at a time (we had tried everything), I'm so glad that I trusted Kendra and her thorough methodology. From day 2 of following Kendra's suggested schedule, my son started sleeping 12+ hours a night uninterrupted and 2-3 hour nap, with minimal crying. I wish I had worked with Kendra for my two other kids. What I loved about Kendra's work is that she's very methodical and process driven. Knowing that I had a solid, well thought through system that was designed specifically for my son to rely on gave me the confidence to trust Kendra's guidance. Thank you for changing our family's life for the better!
- Kristina and Loreno
We highly recommend working with Kendra at The Sleepytime Consultant for any of your child's sleep needs! As primary caregiver, I went from waking in the night 2-3 times (on average!) for 15 LONG months - to her sleeping consistently for over 11 hours straight - and taking a solid 2-3 hour nap daily. Kendra helped us ease the transition from 2 naps to 1 - and adjust as we tackled a cross country trip. Overall, she helped us hold boundaries around sleep - and I can honestly say that it has changed my relationship with my daughter, how I view her independence and growth; given me time and energy to put toward projects I'd long put off: and given my husband and I much needed time together to fortify our relationship. I thought I could do this on my own - but, I truly couldn't have done it - or done it as successfully and smoothly - without Kendra!
- Carrie and John
We highly recommend working with Kendra at The Sleepytime Consultant for any of your child's sleep needs! As primary caregiver, I went from waking in the night 2-3 times (on average!) for 15 LONG months - to her sleeping consistently for over 11 hours straight - and taking a solid 2-3 hour nap daily. Kendra helped us ease the transition from 2 naps to 1 - and adjust as we tackled a cross country trip. Overall, she helped us hold boundaries around sleep - and I can honestly say that it has changed my relationship with my daughter, how I view her independence and growth; given me time and energy to put toward projects I'd long put off: and given my husband and I much needed time together to fortify our relationship. I thought I could do this on my own - but, I truly couldn't have done it - or done it as successfully and smoothly - without Kendra!
- Carrie and John
You can't go wrong using the Kendra, the Sleepytime Consultant! She has positively and lastingly impacted our lives and our baby's. Her professionalism, care, and skills are top-notch, and we recommend her to anyone. Our colic/ reflux baby went from sleeping 4 hours a night to now sleeping 11+ hours a night with two regular naps a day. (Feel free to reach out to me if you want to chat; we started with Kendra when our baby was 5+ months old) .

More Details: My husband and I are first time parents. We had heard about sleep coaching, but thought we could do it on our own with online resources and intuition. (To be honest, we probably were just nervous about how the baby would fair with sleep training.) We tried for one month on our own with no success. Not knowing how to move the baby to the crib, navigate teething, rolling, etc, we reached out to a couple consultants. We chose Kendra because she was sincere, patient and knowledgeable with our questions, and followed up with us. She made sure we were comfortable with the approach and alleviated our nervousness about the first couple nights of sleep training.

If you want someone who will listen, give you a personalized plan that you can implement, and make sure you have success, use the Sleepytime Consultant! Thank you Kendra for helping us give our baby the skill of sleep!!
- Carolyn and Yaniv
We were very lucky to find Kendra. She was great to work with, easy to reach and communicate with, and very professional. She came to our meeting prepared and she knows her stuff. There is a lot of information out there regarding sleep training, and it's hard to know what will work in one's specific household and situation. Kendra was able to tailor her advice for our needs, and her extensive follow-up allows her to steer us in whatever direction we needed. I highly recommend her for everyone. Sleep is incredibly important, and working with Kendra will make your lives so much easier.
- Leanor and Michael
Kendra is a lifesaver! My husband and I hired her to help us with our then six-month-old, Arya, who was refusing to nap in her crib at least 60% of the time, and who needed to be rocked fast asleep before being oh-so-carefully transferred to the crib for both naps and bedtime. Within just a few days, Kendra had Arya putting herself to sleep with minimal protest. After no more than a week, she was going to sleep with no protest at all, save the occasional two second whimper when she was first put down! It was an ENORMOUS relief to be able to put Arya down (still awake) and walk out of her room knowing that (1) she had the skills to put herself to sleep and (2) she did not feel abandoned or distressed. Kendra also helped us drop Arya’s last remaining night feed (after clearing it with our pediatrician, of course). During our two weeks working intensively with Kendra, Arya also began to slowly extend the length of her naps, which had been only 20 to 40 minutes long if they were in the crib. A little over a month since the training, she now averages one hour per nap, longer if she is home (as opposed to at daycare). Perhaps the most amazing thing about Kendra is that she is there for you even after your two week training if you really need her. Several weeks after our training ended, we traveled to Israel. We had a hard time getting Arya adjusted to the seven hour time difference, and Kendra jumped online to help us by sharing a few key tips. With her support, Arya was adjusted and sleeping well within just two days! The net effect of all this is less stress and a higher quality of life for me and my husband, and a happy, rested baby. In the words of my husband, hiring Kendra was the best $400 we’ve ever spent, and we will gladly re-hire her if we ever face another major sleep hurdle!
- Suzannah and Alex
When we first contacted Kendra, I was sleeping on a futon mattress next to our 21-month old daughter’s crib, holding her hand until she fell asleep. Tess would usually wake up in the wee hours of the morning and I would hold her hand until she went back to sleep. It was not a good situation and it was killing my back sleeping on the floor! Within about 5 days of implementing Kendra’s suggestions, Tess was sleeping on her own and I was sleeping in my own bed. When we first started using Kendra’s “system” my husband was out of town for three nights and I was starting a new job. It was a stressful time! Kendra was so patient with me and was available to answer my panicked emails when things didn’t go so well. Her follow-up phone calls were really helpful and she was such a great cheerleader and support for us. It’s been about a month since we started working with Kendra and I am so happy to report Tess is now a model sleeper: we read stories, sing songs and Tess is usually asleep (on her own!) by 8:00 and sleepsuntil around 7:30. Having a routine and referencing Kendra’s “toolkit” has brought so much peace to our household. Tess wakes up rested and happy and my husband and I are able to sleep well, knowing that Tess is probably not going to wake up during the night. I highly recommend contacting Kendra sooner, rather than later, if you are having any difficulties with your little one’s sleep!
- Christy and Greg
It was such a pleasure working with Kendra, we had reached our wits end trying to get our 14 month to sleep through the night. Our son would wake up for extended periods of time in the middle of the night and we had tried everything friends and the internet had recommended, with no success. I reached out to the SleepyTime Consultant, but had very little hope anything would work for us. Kendra went to work and within just a few days created us a sleep plan, which she explained in detail exactly how and why it would work. She also was willing to make small adjustments to the plan based on our comfort level and schedule. Four nights after implementing the plan, our son slept through the night! Kendra was there for us the whole time, encouraging us along, answering questions and helping us navigate through the plan. It’s been over two weeks and our son is still consistently sleeping through the night. The only thing I wish I had done differently, was contact Kendra sooner. She’s wonderful and I highly recommended her services!!
- Missy and Chase
We worked with Kendra for a few weeks. During that time she helped us scale back our bedtime routine (it was taking over 2 hours!) and significantly reduce nighttime wake-ups for our 2-year-old. Kendra gave us very clear instructions and great ideas that our daughter responded to in a very positive way. Thank you Kendra for giving us back our evenings!!
- Melissa
I highly recommend Kendra for sleep training. We had a rough 4 month sleep regression, and she was so helpful and encouraging throughout the process! I love that Kendra will give you a couple options so you can choose what is right for your family. My husband and I had a couple long/ challenging nights, but now our little guy is putting himself to sleep and sleeping 11-12 hours a night... thanks to Kendra!
- Andi and Greg
For anyone looking for someone with a firm understanding of sleep in the context of development and behavior, Kendra is a tremendous resource for families to get through those sleep challenges!
- Einstein Pediatrics, Vienna, Virginia
Kendra really helped us alot! She did an amazing job with our sleep plan and after just 2 nights, things were much better! Highly recommend!
- Jenn, Fairfax, VA
Our pediatrician referred us to Kendra since we were having such troubles with our one year old's sleep habits. Specifically, our son was refusing to nap. Kendra's instructions were detailed and specific to our situation, and the recommended adjustments we made to our son's sleep routine were incredibly effective! He ended up taking two full naps on the SECOND day after we began the new routine. It felt like a miracle! We also appreciated that Kendra was so generous with her time. Towards the end of our training period, it became clear that we were going to have to start transitioning our son to a one nap schedule. Kendra very generously gave us extra consultations in order to guide us through the tricky transition. We are very pleased with the progress our son made under the guidance of the Sleepytime Consultant!
- Kerry & George, McLean, VA
Our 15mo was taking hours to fall asleep and then waking up multiple times during the night. I was exhausted and losing my mind, but doubtful that a sleep consultant could help. Kendra proved me wrong. She got us on track in just a few nights. Now our daughter goes to sleep on her own and sleeps through the night. I highly recommend Kendra - she knows her stuff and can help you too.
- Jenn & Shane, Fairfax, VA
To all parents with babies: please consider getting your babe sleep trained if he’s not sleeping through the night after 3 months and or need to be nursed or rocked to sleep. I used to have to get up 4 times a night to nurse Elliot back to sleep and had to hold him while naps during the day. After 2 weeks of training, we went cold turkey with no nursing at night, he’s not only sleeping in his own crib for naps, he’s now sleeping 11 hrs straight at night. Thank you our sleep consultant, Kendra Hackenberg. I’m not a zombie anymore. Thank goodness!
- Happy Parent
Kendra was so supportive and patient while helping us get our 5month old non sleeper to sleep. She came up with a personalized plan that worked for our family. Answer all my questions quickly. It was so reassuring to have her advice while sleep training. Highly recommend!!
- Jessica and Gage
We have a 30 month old daughter that was waking up during the night and didn't go to bed after we rubbed her back or stayed with her until she gets asleep (aprox 1 hour). That was driving us crazy. After having a consultation with Kendra, we got really helpful tips that took us 3 days to make my daughter go to sleep by herself and sleep continuously, at least, 10 hours. Our best night after almost 3 years!
- Oscar and Jackie
Kendra helped us achieve what we thought was impossible. Our 1-year-old required extensive rocking and bouncing to get to sleep for 45 minutes to an hour. Each time he woke up at night, it was the same thing. He suffered from colic as a baby, and these heavy movements were the only thing that worked to get him to sleep, but it was taking a toll on our quality of life. After working with Kendra for 2 weeks and sticking to the plan, he is now sleeping through the night! She was helpful, caring, and responsive the whole time. Well worth the investment!
- Tara and Russell
After many sleepless nights my husband and I finally decided to find a sleep consultant to help our 5-month old get more restful sleep. We knew we had developed some habits that were comforting at the time but ultimately not helping any of us long-term. She relied on nursing to sleep, and refused daytime naps. It’s really hard to ask for help sometimes, but when I was faced with the end of maternity leave and returning to work with a nearly 5 month old still waking up 4-5 times a night some nights I knew we needed help. Let me say this now: if you are sleep deprived, if your baby is waking up many times in the night and relies on you to nurse (or whatever) them back to sleep, do not walk, but RUN to Kendra!!! In just a couple short week Kendra has our baby girl going from multiple wake ups a night to sleeping 12 hours a night. We have an older daughter who started sleeping through the night on her own so this whole not sleeping thing was new to us. We googled a lot of techniques online but nothing compared to the personalized step by step plan Kendra made for us based on what we told her about our current situation. She had an answer for every scenario, responded quickly to emails, and was there to troubleshoot with us on the not so good nights. I think we had an idea of some of our issues prior to working with Kendra, but we needed the support and accountability she provided. She pushed us out of our comfort zone in a good way that has us now sleeping much better, and longer! My husband and I actually get to unwind at night together and have an adult conversation. We actually got to watch a movie last week, uninterrupted, for the first time in over 5 months!

I can not recommend Kendra enough. Sleep is so important for everyone in the family, it has made us all happier and healthier. Especially the baby! Thank you Kendra!!!
- Sarah and Mike
Kendra helped us with our six-month-old son, who was waking up every few hours during the night and napping inconsistently. She put together a plan that was successful in getting our son to sleep through the night immediately, and worked with us to adjust the plan as we dealt with the more difficult challenge of getting him to nap consistently. Kendra was professional and put together a thorough plan that gave us confidence in handling any issues that arise with sleep, and we are now much more well-rested parents!
- Jennifer and Kevin
Kendra is truly a baby whisperer! She was able to immediately figure out what our sleep issues were, and in a matter of a few days my baby learned how to put herself down to sleep on her own! I was very impressed with Kendra’s response time to emails, and she was so personable that this sleep training process was almost a breeze! I can’t recommend The Sleepytime Consultant enough...she was worth every penny!
- Jackie
We worked with Kendra with our 3 year old. He consistently woke up throughout the night asking for water or his blanket. He also was waking up around 6am. With Kendra’s expertise, we were able to get our little one to sleep through the night and not call for us until 7am!! Kendra is very responsive, knowledgeable and professional! I’m beyond excited with the results and would absolutely recommend!
- Nikkie and Adam
I was very wary going into the whole sleep training universe with 5 month old twins. Kendra was amazing! As another reviewer said - run, not walk, to Kendra! With minimal crying, Kendra had the babies on track to not just better sleep but (and I really don't know how!) substantially better feeds. 3 weeks later, they are now sleeping through the night (they cut the night feeds themselves) and are growing amazing well.
- Deepa and Karthik
My 7 month old daughter was waking up every 2 hours to nurse, every single night. I couldn't take it anymore, so I google around and found Kendra. I read all the testimonials and figured it was too good to be true, and definitely worth a shot. On the second night that we started the sleep plan, my baby slept through the night with basically no wake ups. And she has been sleeping through the night ever since, 11-12 hours. It was unbelievable. She was super responsive to my emails and always helpful with all the questions i had. I'm actually mad I waited so long to call her - I could have been sleeping all that time! If I have another baby I will for sure use Kendra again - and I recommend ANYONE whose baby doesn't sleep - please call her so you can get some rest!
- Maggie
Kendra was such a life saver. My almost 2 year old would wake up at least one time every night and wanted to be rocked for bed. She also would sleep like a baby in our bed but WE would be the ones not sleeping with all her tossing and turning. This exhausted momma could not take it anymore and was referred to Kendra. She asked questions, listened to my responses and gave me a plan to follow. It took 3 days and our princess was sleeping all night from 8-7:30. If you want your baby AND you to sleep all night - contact Kendra!!
- Joa
Kendra came to our preschool for a special workshop for parents. In one hour, she helped change lives for our sleepy parents. Parents reported results after one night of her advice. Call her today!
- Ginger
Our baby was co-rooming with us and we couldn't find as many ideas/solutions for successful sleeping in that circumstance from books or the pediatrician so we wanted a sleep specialist who could help us navigate our particular sleeping arrangement. We were having lots of middle of the night wake ups and having to walk the baby to sleep for night time and naps. Kendra quickly got to know the sleep situation for us and the baby, and provided a really helpful and customized plan for us. Kendra provides a wonderful combination of knowledge and empathy that made us feel very good about the process, and it led to excellent results. Our baby is sleeping soundly through the night in ways I just didn't think was possible! It's really incredible for the baby who is getting more sleep, and of course for us parents who can get more sleep and have more energy during the day. I found Kendra by reading these great reviews, and I am excited to have my own personal testimony to add. If your baby is having a challenging time with sleep, as so many do, do not hesitate to contact Kendra!
- Stuart
Our one-year-old daughter didn't want to sleep in her crib anymore and we also wanted to transition her to her own room. She also wasn't napping during the day unless she was sleeping on our chest. Kendra created a sleep plan for our daughter that we were able to transition her to sleep in her crib, in her own room, during the night and naps. Our daughter is getting much more restful sleep now with an earlier bedtime and two naps a day. We are very grateful to Kendra and would highly recommend her.
- Stacy
Kendra was easy to work with, gave clear instruction, and followed-up with amazing support! We fell into the constant night wake cycle with our older daughter, so we wanted to get on top of it with our 6 month old. Working through the 2-week, gentle and very supportive plan with Kendra has given us a wellrested and happy little one! Thanks again for giving our family back a good night’s sleep!
- Jenn, Aldie, VA
We were committed to sleep training from the beginning, although we knew that it would be emotionally grating. There is plenty of information out there about how to go about sleep training your baby, but if you’re like us and you would feel reassured by the support provided by an expert, we can whole-heartedly recommend Kendra. She was reliable, professional, and had great availability to answer questions as they arose

Because sleep training can feel emotionally difficult, it was very helpful to have clear rules to follow, and an emphasis on consistency as a foundation. At the end of the process, we both feel like it was well worth the hard work. Our almost 5- month-old now sleeps 12 hours straight with just one wakeup to feed, and puts herself down for naps and at bedtime. It’s wonderful to sleep again!
- Martina & Miguel, Washington, D.C.
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