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The Dreaded Four-Month Sleep Regression

Around the 3-5 month age range, sleep becomes reorganized, as babies embrace the 4-stage method of sleep that will continue into their adult life. If you had a newborn baby that was falling asleep quickly at bedtime and giving you long stretches at night but has suddenly changed around four months, this could be due to the change in sleep cycles. 


Sleep and Special Needs

Bringing up a baby is some seriously, seriously hard work. Think of the hours, the commitment needed, the ambiguity of information, the stakes involved, and the endless, ever-evolving challenges that kids throw at us. And all those regular parenting challenges are present when you have a child with special needs, along with a few others …

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Multi-Tasking Mother Holds Sleeping Baby Son And Cleans In Kitchen

Sleep Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety typically starts to occur around 6-8 months of age, when your little one starts to realize that things continue to exist, even when they’re not in sight. It’s a cognitive milestone known as “object permanence” which is defined as, “the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be observed.”