Prenatal & Newborn Sleepytime Package:  0-3 Months


Congratulations on your new baby or if you are expecting!  This package is for parents who want to establish healthy sleep habits and skills during your baby’s first few months of life to ensure your baby becomes a healthy, independent sleeper into childhood.  


Keep in mind that the prenatal package makes a great baby shower gift for parents-to-be!


Included in the newborn education package:

  • A private 45 minute consultation

We will discuss newborn babies’ sleep needs and schedules, how to recognize fatigue, establishing the right sleep environment, naps, and solutions to common newborn sleep challenges.

  • A detailed newborn sleep plan

I will prepare a customized newborn sleep plan to educate you on how to start establishing healthy sleep habits for your baby.

  • Three Follow Phone calls

The calls typically take 15 minutes and we will schedule them during the first 12 weeks to discuss your baby’s sleep progress and discuss any questions or concerns.

  • The first call to be scheduled 2 weeks after your baby’s arrival

  • The second call 6-8 weeks old

  • The third call 10 to 12 weeks old

  • Sleepytime Toolkit  At the end of the 12 weeks I will send you information to help you tackle any challenges that could come up with your baby’s sleep.  The topics include: teething, travel tips, sickness, and daylight savings.


Please Note: This package is not intended to help newborns sleep through the night, as they still need to eat frequently.  You will be getting a Newborn Sleep Plan with strategies and goals to work towards, not a Sleep Training Plan.



Price:  $295



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