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Back to School Sleep

Schools are opening in some capacity and whether your child is learning virtually, homeschooling, or attending in-person, making sleep a priority is critical. So much growth and development occurs while children are sleeping because growth hormones are secreted during periods of sleep.  Sleep helps boost the immune system.  While we sleep, our bodies produce infection

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Smiling siblings reading book together while lying on bed

Child Separation Struggles at Bedtime and Through the Night

I don’t know about you, but by my children’s bedtime rolls around, I am pretty spent and ready for my own down time. I talk with families all the time about struggles at bedtime and through the night. So many parents are exhausted by the end of the day; the last thing they want to

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Baby boy standing in crib

Help! My Toddler Just Climbed Out of the Crib!

There are two types of toddlers in this world: The crib climbers The non-crib climbers If you have a non-crib climber,  keep that toddler in the crib as long as you can (at least wait until 2.5/3 years).  Why?  Most younger toddlers do not have the impulse control to stay in their bed all night. 

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Closeup of cute newborn baby sleeping in his cradle

The Skill of Sleep

I have been teaching my son how to swim recently and I was thinking about how this is a new skill for him, and like any new skill, it takes practice and consistency. When we take time off, he is always a little rusty to start, which is why consistency is so important. One of

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“I’m Scared of the Dark”: Easing Your Child’s Fears

If your child is expressing a fear of the dark, here are some activities you can do to encourage him that his sleeping space is safe. Fear of the dark can begin as early as two-years-old, due to the mind maturing, memory extending, and development of a child’s imagination. The foundation to a good night’s

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Infant drinking milk

Should I Give My Baby a Dream Feed?

I remember the specific night, sitting on the couch, with my husband, asking him if I should start incorporating a dream feed so we could sleep longer after we went to bed. I had read mixed reviews and was not sure if this was a good idea or not. Desperate, I tried the dream feed

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