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Stages of Fatigue for a Baby

1. Baby is alert, energetic, and wide-eyed. They actively engaged with their surroundings and pay attention to what’s going on around them. 2. Baby gets less active and their eyes begin to get a little heavy. They become less interested in their surroundings and may want to be picked up and help. 3. Eyelids begin to get noticeably heavier and may begin…

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3 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care as a Breastfeeding Mother

As a new mother, much of your time is spent feeding, changing, and soothing your new bundle of joy. And while focusing on your little one is crucial, it’s just as important to care for yourself — especially if you’ll be breastfeeding. As beneficial as breastfeeding can be to you and your baby, it can

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Thumbsucking and Sleep

Babies who discover their thumb tend to be great sleepers because they have the ability to self soothe.  The thumb comes attached to baby so her sleep is not disrupted while searching the crib for a pacifier or calling out for mommy or daddy’s help in the middle of the night (huge plus for parents!). 

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How to Start Solids in 2020 – A Pediatrician’s Take

Guest post written by Dr. Florencia Segura, Board Certified Pediatrician at Einstein Pediatrics You have probably heard many different opinions from well-meaning grandparents, friends, and coworkers about what food, when, and how to start solids! On top of this, the guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have dramatically changed in the past 10

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When and How to Ditch the Pacifier

Many of us have been saved from a major baby meltdown by the quick introduction of a pacifier into baby’s mouth at the right moment. Maybe they missed their sleep window by a little bit and were getting a bit cranky, maybe they got an unexpected bump on the head, or you had to swoop

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The Importance of Naptime Routine

We always hear about the importance of bedtime routines, but setting up a short nap time routine is just as important.   Dr. Marc Weissbluth, author of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, did an informal study of 60 infants, where he compared their temperament in relation to the hours of sleep they had during a

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