Baby’s Rolling Over Can Impact Sleep

Baby sleeping on a bed

Rolling Over Practice During the Day to Help Sleep at Night ⁣⁣



Developmental milestones can impact sleep, especially if your baby relies on a sleep prop to get to sleep. One milestone that can affect your baby’s sleep is when they begin to learn to roll over. I advise parents to practice this skill during the day so your baby doesn’t feel as much of a need to practice it ALL NIGHT LONG.⁣⁣ 🤦‍♀️

⏺Recommended for 3-4 month olds⁣⁣

⏺Practice 2-3 times per day⁣⁣

⏺At least 2 weeks straight⁣⁣

⏺Each session should only last a couple of minutes⁣⁣ 🕑

⏺How? Lay baby down on the edge of a blanket, gently lift up the blanket to roll the baby. The goal is to roll your baby from back to belly, belly to back, roll your baby to the right side and left side. ⁣⁣

⏺Frequency is the 🔑

If you are diligent with your rolling over practice, it should really help them sleep when they learn this new exciting skill


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