Meet Kendra

Sleep is so important for parents and their children, which is why I am passionate about helping to improve sleep outcomes.  I know first-hand how lack of sleep can impact a person’s everyday activities, health, happiness, and overall quality of life.  Once sleep is restored, the rewards are numerous – not the least of which are that parents can enjoy their children more, relationships improve, and families are stronger and better functioning. I love helping families get their lives back!

My Story

When I had my first son, Emmett, I kept waiting until he would (finally!) “sleep through the night”. At 6 months old, he was still waking up several times in the night. If I had continued to wait for some sleep magic to happen, my family would still be sleep deprived!

I started researching baby sleep, read several books, sought advice from other moms, but all of the information was overwhelming
and left me feeling even more confused and defeated. Once I finally put all of the information together and devised a plan, Emmett began sleeping through the night and taking long rejuvenating naps.

I feel so fortunate to be able to apply my educational background and current sleep training as a Sleep Consultant. My goal is to empower parents and impart them with the skills and strategies to instill healthy sleep habits in their babies – an investment that continues to pay off well beyond infancy and into childhood. If you are ready for a change (or even just contemplating change!) – I would love the opportunity to design a plan that works for your family.

I have been personally trained by Dana Obleman, the creator of The Sleep Sense Program, whose methods have been used worldwide by more than 30,000 families to quickly and easily solve their children’s sleep problems. I am certified by Dana Obleman to teach the Sleep Sense Method to local parents. I look forward to helping other families with this familiar struggle to get the rest they need. 

Kendra Hackenberg

Certified Sleep Sense Consultant

B.S., Elementary Education
Penn State University
M.S., Reading Specialist
John Hopkins University 

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