4 Things That Can Make It Hard for New Dads and Kids to Sleep


Guest Blogger, Josh Moore, founder of Diaperdads.

Being a dad is the best! But getting sleep as the dad of a baby or toddler can be a bit tricky. If you’re tired of sleepless nights, your first move should be to check out the services provided by The Sleepytime Consultant. Kendra has helped countless exhausted dads and parents get their kids on a more consistent sleep routine so they can get the rest they need. 

Until then you may need a few sleep tips to improve things on your own. This is why you should know the most common challenges for new parents and their children.  

Clutter and Stress 

Life as a new dad can leave little time for organizing. But did you know that if your home is cluttered and cramped it can actually make your family more stressed? Those feelings of stress can make it even harder to get a good night’s sleep, so try to make time for a little decluttering. 

It may take a day or more to tame the clutter in your home, but once you’re done, you should be able to breathe and sleep a little easier. For even more stress relief, treat yourself to a few touches of nature in the form of house plants. Just be aware that some types of plants can be toxic to your children and pets, so avoid placing these in spots that are within their reach. 

Separation Anxiety 

If your little ones are waking up in the middle of the night, they could be feeling anxious about being apart from you at bedtime. It’s pretty common for toddlers to feel this way but these constant interruptions can spell disaster for everybody’s sleep routine and quality. 

To curb your toddler’s anxieties and relax in peace before your own bedtime you can try: 

  • Coming up with “safety” mantras and repeating them to your little one. 
  • Creating a consistent nightly routine that will leave your child soothed. 

Another way to calm your child’s anxieties is to ensure they get plenty of time to play and burn off extra energy during the day. Outdoor play can be especially beneficial for kids and parents. 

Late Night Meals  

Your meal times may be off right now as well, but you should be careful of consuming large, fatty, or spicy meals in the hours before your bedtime. Sleep studies show that these foods can cause indigestion and other uncomfortable symptoms that can make it harder for you to relax. 

That doesn’t mean you have to go hungry, but rather that you should try grazing on snacks that have been shown to improve relaxation and sleep. Foods like oatmeal, whole-grain crackers, and several fruits are perfect bedtime snacks for you and your little ones if they wake up hungry

Screens Before Bed 

If your idea of relaxing before bedtime involves a glass of wine and scrolling through social media, at least one of these habits could be disrupting your sleep. The light from screens, which is typically blue light, can have a major impact on sleep quality for you and your children. 

Exposure to blue light during the evening hours can reduce the amount of melatonin produced by the human brain. Of course, melatonin is needed for restful sleep, so you may want to try switching your electronics off at least a few hours before bedtime. Thinking of increasing melatonin with supplements? Check with a healthcare provider before you do so for kids. 

Sleep is so very important. For new dads and their children. If you’re struggling to get your baby or toddler to sleep or to fall asleep yourself, know that simple changes to your home and routine can help. From de-stressing your home to keeping screens out of the bedroom, these improvements will hopefully help you all get the rest you need to stay healthy. 

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Guest Blogger, Josh Moore, founder of Diaperdads, 

Parenting is a learning experience, but it definitely helps to have some backup when you aren’t sure what you’re doing. That’s why Josh decided to create diaperdads: to give all the dads out there the credit they deserve and some much needed advice when life seems consumed with diapers, fruit pouches, and tantrums.


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